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Bangbang Copenhagen - Batman Fans

Batman fans will go nuts for this and so does Humblea!

A cool bat inspired hoodie in black from Danish label Bangbang Copenhagen. Super fun design with small ears on the top of the head and fabric between arms and body which gives this sweatshirt real wings!

Bangbang Copenhagen


bangbang copenhagen

Some grown-ups have forgotten how it is to be a kid. Well BANGBANG Copenhagen hasn’t! Playing is serious business!

The entire world is a circus, at least according to BANGBANG Copenhagen. The Danish designers Louise Lundholm & Mia Risager founded their brand in 2008 which merged their roots in contemporary design with a love of the playful spirit of children.

Their world fuses a high-fashion, conceptual outlook with origami folding technique and urban comfortable streetwear, with silhouettes perfectly tailored for children’s body shape and movement.

Beyond the quirky little details, this are comfortable clothes that would be suitable for everyday play as well as parties. Have a look at the AW14 collection of BANGBANG Copenhagen at Springstof, one of our favourite webshops.

[Photo's of Humblea taken by Wesley Marlissa]

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Chrapiemy z Snurk


Aby spać jak tancerka flamenco

Wszystko zaczęło się od pomysłu Peggy, współzałożycielki marki SNURK, która kilka lat nosiła w sobie idee stworzenia pościeli, która wyglądałaby jak karton. Źródłem inspiracji był sposób, w jaki przykrywają się śpiący bezdomni na ulicy. Tak powstała pierwsza pościel “Le Clochard”, która miała realistyczny nadruk posklejanych ze sobą taśmą starych kartonów. Do kompletu można było dobrać sobie szare prześcieradło z nadrukiem płyt chodnikowych „Le Trottoir”. ”Śpij jak na ulicy, żeby młody bezdomny nie musiał” – głosiło hasło reklamowe nowej marki.

Za nowym produktem stanął szlachetny cel: część zysków ze sprzedaży pościeli przeznaczona na pomoc młodym bezdomnym. Idea chwyciła! I to nie tylko w Holandii, gdzie pomysł się narodził, ale do akcji dołączyły również fundacje z Anglii i Niemiec, a z całego świata nadpływały maile z zamówieniami pościeli innej niż wszystkie.

Tak zaczęła się pościelowa historia Peggy van Neer & Erika van Loo, którzy półtora roku później założyli już oficjalnie firmę SNURK, co po holendersku oznacza chrapanie.

Wysokiej jakości realistyczne nadruki na pościeli staną się wizytówką firmy. SNURKod 2007 roku zachwyca innowacyjnymi pomysłami. Tak powstała pościel wyglądająca jak grubo tkany sweter, czy szydełkowany pled babci.


W zeszłym roku szturmem weszła na rynek kolekcja pościeli dla dzieci. Astronauta i królewna – tego jeszcze chyba nigdzie wcześniej nie widzieliśmy. Rzeczywistej wielkości nadruk przedstawiający w pełni ubranego astronautę ze wszystkimi detalami, na białym, prostym tle. Czyż nie jest to urzeczywistnienie marzeń małego chłopca o szybowaniu w przestrzeni kosmicznej?


W tym roku seria dla dzieci powiększyła się o pirata i tancerkę flamenco. Dzieci uczulone na kocia sierść mogą spać z małym kotkiem ukrytym w nogach, bo i dla nich Snurk wymyślił pościel o nazwie Ollie. Jest też możliwe nurkowanie w basenie czy skoki na trampolinie! Genialne, prawda?


Pościel SNURK jest wykonana z bawełny o splocie perkalowym i produkowana w Portugalii. SNURK nadal sprzedaje swoja pierwszą kolekcję, z której sprzedaży przeznacza pieniądze na cele charytatywne.

Pościele SNURK możecie kupić w super fajnym sklepie

autorka: Agata / RAFA Kids

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Oct 16, 2014 7:00:00 AM


Let's start this day well and have a little fun with a nice give away to celebrate Autumn. 

What to do?
1. Like SpringStof on Facebook and/or follow us at Instagram
2. Share on Facebook and/or Instagram with the hashtag #springstofgiveaway
3. If you feel like it, let us know what your favourite item in our shop is (on the blog, Facebook or Instagram)

On Sunday 26th of October the winner will be announced!


Oct 13, 2014 12:59:23 PM

popupshop pathfinder jacket

Last year they were very popular, the Popupshop pathfinder jackets! Besides this beautiful jacket we also added the Artic Explorer jacket and a soft Leo sweater.  



Get ready for Halloween

Get ready for Halloween!

1. Useful clips, shaped like sleeping vampire bats.  Perfect for hanging wet washing on the line, but with many more uses, like pinning up photographs of your loved ones or memos at work, or keeping the opened bag of cornflakes sealed and fresh. Shaped like spooky black vampire bats, they hang upside when not in use, sleeping until you need them.

2. Mask, available in different animal shapes.

3. Grey beanie with skull print.

4. Boo! This is Tootsa MacGinty’s limited edition pumpkin sweatshirt designed with Halloween in mind. In softly pre washed cotton jersey this will be a fun sweatshirt for girls and boys to wear throughout the Autumn months and particularly on trick-or-treat night itself.
Just for kids; the pumpkin’s mouth zips open to reveal a cheeky tongue sticking out!

5. White T-shirt with skull print.

6. Hoodie with batman ears on top.

7. Set of two hand painted skeleton pegs.

8. Put your baby in this lovely orange baby carrier whilst Trick or Treating.

9. “Silly or what?!” Monster toy.

10. Soft stretchy comfortable cotton leggings in black with a grey mini skull print.

11. Belle & Boo would like to bring some spooky Halloween fun into your home this Autumn! Dress up Belle in her kitten costume and choose delightfully creepy faces for the mess-free pumpkins or would you rather Dress up Ellis & Easy in their costumes ready for tricking and treating?! You can win a wall sticker in our weekly giveaway here

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At Corby Tindersticks they aim to create fun design and illustration for kids and grown ups. Funny toys with their own personality and story, cheerful children’s clothing and lovely illustrations.

Driven by the need for a creative outlet, they lovingly design products for a refreshing point of difference to the high street.

Time for an interview with Carly Gledhill, the designer of Corby Tindersticks.


Tell us a little about your background? How did you become to be a children’s fashion designer?

After studying textile design at university I had no idea what I wanted to do. I loved drawing and making toys, which didn’t really get much use when I was working in a shoe shop! I was really lucky to find a job as a children’s clothing designer and having no experience of fashion design I learnt on the job and saw my designs in high street stores across the UK. 

What inspires your work, and what do you want to inspire in others though your work?

My work is inspired by art, architecture and everything I see. I love the work of multi disciplinary artists who push the boundaries of design for children. The work of Bruno Munari really inspires me as I love his use of humour and wit, and that he designed clever books that appeal to both children and adults. I think children deserve great design that isn’t gender specific, based on adult trends or boring. Hopefully Corby inspires a sense of fun.

What is your favorite piece from the collection?

The dinosaur romper is ace! It was the first piece I designed and I love his colourful shapes.

Do you have children? How does that influence your work?

I don’t have children which I know is a rarity in this industry!

What are the most rewarding and most challenging aspects of your job?

I love seeing my products in action. Instagram is great for seeing where they all end up! It’s great to hear good feedback on my designs, and designing is the part I enjoy most. The most challenging part is juggling running a business (which I learn to do as I go), making my toys, having a part time job and training to be the next cycling world champion! It’s a lot of hard work and sometimes I want to give up and go home, but I’m sure every small business owner feels the same.

If one of our readers is only in your city, London, for 24 hours what one thing would you recommend they do?

As I’m sure your readers all have kids I would visit the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, London. It’s right next to my office so I visit a lot for inspiration. It’s full of toys old and new and interesting exhibitions, and it also has a great gift shop.

Website: and at

Facebook: corbytindersticks

Corby Tindersticks

Photo credits – Corby Tindersticks

Kids Fashion

Photo credits – thirteenredshoes

Weather map

Photo credits – Corby Tindersticks

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Oct 6, 2014 10:58:33 AM


Bed Linen


Which one is your favourite?

1. Whether it’s warm outside or you’re dreaming of summer, wrap yourself up in this cool ice-cream and waffle cone reversible quilt cover. Keeping warm has never been so sweet. Add a sprinkle of toppings with our Sunday Sundae fitted sheet and pillowcase and make everyday a Sundae!

2. Let your little one have sweet dreams with this soft 100% organic cotton duvet cover and pillow case in patchwork! Availabe in 3 colours and different sizes.

3. Make every bedtime an exciting adventure on the seven seas with this fun and exciting duvet cover and pillowcase set.

4. Gray owl bed linen.

 5. We all know beds aren’t meant for jumping on. How many times did you hear it as a kid? That’s what trampolines are for. So this Trampoline Quilt Cover is, naturally, made only for sleeping purposes. It looks just like a trampoline. But it’s not – we repeat NOT – meant for jumping on.

6. Black mask pillow case and black & white harlequin print quilt cover.

7. Tug in your little ones in our high quality bedding. Only the best will do, so our KIDS bedding is made of 100% organic cotton and the duvet is closed with a zipper. The bedding comes in a matching tote bag – perfect for keeping toys and dolls on the way to the daycare. 
Sweet dreams!

8Hola! Even when you sleep you can dance the night away with the impressive Flamenco Quilt Cover! It looks like a vintage flamenco dress has been laid out on the bed for someone to play dress-ups…but in fact it’s an ultra-high quality print of a dress discovered in Andalusia, Spain. It’s a truly unique find that will really make your child’s bedroom pop!

9. The patterns were inspired by the most known fish. It’s up to you to recognize luce, perch, trout, etc.


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loud apparel aw14

We received the amazing Autumn Winter collection from LOUD Apparel. Tomorrow all styles will be added to the shop. Grey and black, basic styles and comfortable sweat fabric. We even have some baby goodies. Stay tuned!

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