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Jan 23, 2017 11:25:43 AM


Tiny Cottons started this collection with a clear focus, FRIENDSHIP ...
From there they started searching for the perfect meaning or FRIENDSHIP expression,
easily came to their minds dogs, isn`t this the best expression for friendship ? Isn`t
this the most pure friendship, the man and the dog?
"the language of friendship is not words, but meanings"
- Henry David Thoreau
Since Tiny Cottons admires deeply Saint Laurent`s work, and he was in love with his dog MOUJIK,
they brought their friendship on board, Paris during the 70`s,
Yves and his loyal friend, a little french bulldog, inspired
by this special relationship and moved by the unconditional love, Tiny Cottons pays their own tiny
tribute to friendship, love and art.
" I am as they say, a dog person. That is, that I live with
him completely. Night and
day. When I travel, i take him with me and when I can`t, to England for example, I stay home ... "
- Ives Saint Laurent
Welcome to Tiny Cottons summer "TRIBUTE" ... to all that matters.
The Tiny Cottons Spring Summer 2017 collection is available from 24th of January 00:00 CET.  


Introducing Bobo Choses SS17 collection  A Legend.

Inspired by atletic legends from around the world and through time. Retro and comfortable shapes in different fabrics and beautiful washed colors.

Bobo Choses Spring Summer collection A Legend will launch at Thursday 19th of Januari, 10:00 AM CET.

For now you can still shop some nice winter Bobo Choses styles in our winter sale with discounts up to 50%.






Bobo Choses Autumn Winter 2016 collection How to Disappear

Inspired by the world of magic, the collection pays tribute to the children’s sense of wonder towards the extraordinary.
First drop of the collection will be available at Thursday 7th of July.

For now you can still shop some pretty nice things from the Bobo Choses Spring Summer collection in our sale section.


The new Spring Summer 2016 collection will soon arrive!

This collection is a dream, but unlike most dreams this lasts longer. Unicorns exist and you will find love at the end of the rainbow. A collection for all who didn't win the 1st price toy in the lottery, who didn't find a lucky clover in the lawn and for those who hope to make a wish on a shooting star.
99% of this collection is made out of sustainable materials, which means they are either organic or recycled. All in the spirit of trying to make better clothes, both for the planet and for the ones living here.
First drop from the new collection will be available at February 4th at 10:00 AM CET.

For now you can shop the last few Fall Winter items from Mini Rodini in our Sale

O my! It's time to give you a BIG sneak peek of the new spring summer collection from Bobo Choses!

The collection is called 'Der Blaue Reiter'.

Der Blaue Reiter celebrates colour as a spiritual gift through an intuitive, spontaneous approach to painting. Prints pay tribute to artists like Matisse, Picasso, Pollock and Hockney. Fauvist pears, big bold still-life fruits and embroidered artists’ portraits along with more abstract designs like colourful fluid motifs and bohemian painted stripes. Embroideries add richness and variety to our usual screen-prints.

SS16 colour palette is a fresh one, running from apricot to cream yellow. Bobo Choses ongoing research goes into exclusive textiles like their textured raffia and indigo waffle, and into more elaborated patterns and finishes. As always, Bobo’s garments come in comfortable and relaxed shapes.

Bobo Choses is also excited to collaborate with Babaà, Veja and Sons + Daughters developing exclusive knits, sneakers and sunglasses for this season.

Enjoy the BIG Bobo Choses sneak peek!

The first drop will be available at 19TH OF JANUARI 11:00 AM CET!

Till then you can also shop the last Bobo Choses winter items in our sale section.




Fresh in the new year we are happy to announce that soon we are expecting a new brand, The Animals Observatory.

The Animals Observatory, an innovative brand whose aim is to research and develop creativity in fashion, clothes, accessories and other products from the world of children, under the creative direction of Laia Aguilar. The Animals Observatory is located in Europe, but the brand has been founded with a global outlook. The key value of The Animals Observatory is to think about the child, not as someone’s son or daughter, but as an individual.

Founded by Jan Andreu and designer Laia Aguilar, former owner/designer at Bobo Choses.

The first Animals Observatory collection will be available soon!


Ooh la la.... Let's have a little sneak peek of the new spring summer 2016 collection from Miss Ruby Tuesday. Soft pastel tones combined with dark grey and black, stripes and the cool Miss print is used again.

The new collection will be available mid January 2016. For now we still have some great Miss Ruby Tuesday pieces left in our winter sale.


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